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Giftbox FACE - GLOW
Giftbox FACE - GLOW
Giftbox FACE - GLOW


Giftbox FACE - GLOW


Gift box presenting 3 best-sellers of our FACE range, for a glowing skin.

Jojoba moisturizing Face Cream “Glowing” - 50ml

This cream provides hydration (superficial layer of the skin) for all skin types. The formula contains jojoba vegetable oil (bio) selected for its rebalancing action on the skin and a synergy of organic essential oils with fresh and floral scents based on Myrtle and Ylang Ylang that restore tone and radiance to the skin.

Hydrosols Blend "Revitalizing" – 100ml

This tonic water is a mixture of hydrosols of Damascus rose, rosemary and orange blossom. This mixture provides a rebalancing, regenerating effect and soothing on the skin of the face. Apply morning and evening on a clean face.

Washable wipe - Bamboo & cotton

This muslin is ideal for removing makeup and deep cleansing of the face. Machine washable, it promotes a Zero Waste attitude.

The products are packaged in a reusable cotton pouch and placed in a nice eco-friendly cardboard box. An explanation of the use of products is included and will explain how to experiment your natural ritual in respect with your body and the environment.