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Sensitive / Irritated scalp ritual

Use 2 X per week our gentle shampoo with washing nuts and a mixture of organic essential oils "PURETE" based on Tea tree, Lemongrass, Cedar and Juniper to fight against irritated scalp, dandruff and itching. Concentrate the effort on the scalp and not the hair. The lather flows down the hair so there's no need to scrub.

On a daily basis, you can moisturize and soothe the scalp with a chamomile or rosemary hydrolate to mist (thanks to the spray to add).

In addition, you can make a detox and soothing mask once a week using powdered ghassoul clay (3 tablespoons) and chamomile hydrosol (3 tablespoons) to mix with a wooden spatula until a paste is obtained. Apply the preparation to the entire scalp and slightly damp hair. Leave on for 30 minutes in a towel, then rinse with warm water.