"I believe that the world of tomorrow will have to be more respectful of our health, our skin and our balance as humans.

It will also have to be the concern of the planet, nature and its ecological balance.

Since 2011 and even more today, this has meant for me the healthiest possible range of care and wellness products. Formulated with botanical science and the power of natural ingredients, offered in eco-responsible packaging and to be used with a lot of common sense.

This means above all to allow you to benefit from healthy, effective products that will make you shine, quite simply! "


Sophie is the creator of the MAKESENZ concept.

With a degree in economics, she has developed her expertise in cosmetics for more than 20 years, moving from the world of the conventional cosmetics industry to the world of natural cosmetics start-ups. She is also a graduate in aromatherapy.

She shares her passion and her experience with you, in the brand's boutique in Brussels and through the blog to inform you of the benefits of natural ingredients on the health and beauty of the skin.