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Coffee & Chocolate scrub 100% natural, bio & vegan


The Chocolate scrub is chock-full of anti-oxidants, due to the combination of the Robusta coffee grounds and the raw cocoa powder.

Anti-oxidants are well known for their variety of health benefits which support the body in retaining its youthful appearance for longer. Cocoa powder is also known for its remarkable ability to hydrate the skin whilst also protecting it from UV light, which naturally encourages a healthier complexion.

Smells like a warm, rich, creamy, steamy cup caffeine of dreams with a touche of chocolate. Will wake you and your skin up. 

Cruelty Free and 100% Vegan

How to use:
Step into the shower, scoop a little bit out of the package, rub onto wet skin with circular motions, leave it to dry for 2-4 minutes, rinse it of and FEEL.THAT.SKIN. 

Pack of 150gr

INCI: Robusta coffee, Raw cane sugar, Magnesium sulphate (epsom salts fine), cocoa powder (raw), almond sweet oil CG, natural vitamin E (tocopherol)