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​Virgin coconut oil 100ml


Virgin coconut oil is extracted by pressing fresh nuts.

Coconut oil has a milky appearance. It tends to set quite quickly, but it is usually sufficient to hold the bottle in your hands to restore it to its fluid consistency.

Its essential fatty acids, lauric acid and its vitamins A and E make it a treasure of benefits for the skin and hair.

It treats dry, mature skin lacking elasticity.

Moisturizing and soothing, it's a great after-sun.

It restructures and smoothes the hair: studies show that it is able to penetrate to the very heart of the hair. It is suitable for fine hair, dull, split ends. It is also specifically suitable for curly and frizzy hair. It can be used as is: as a mask before shampooing.

Characteristics: oily feel, white color, smell of coconut.

Use: face, body and hair. Pure or in your cosmetic preparations.

Storage: Away from light and humidity.

INCI: Cocos nucifera oil *

* from organic farming: Certisys-Be control.

100ml jar