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Baume déodorant - peau sensible Vanille - MAKESENZ

Deodorant balm - Sensitive skin Vanille


This solid deodorant applies to the finger like a cream. Its composition with powders and without essential oils is powerful to fight against bacteria that cause odors, this only formulated with natural ingredients and without aluminum salts.

In addition to all this good news, this deodorant balm offers a silky and non-greasy touch, and is easy and clean in its pretty little glass jar.

Using advice :

You will apply our deodorant cream on your armpits after having taken a very small amount in its pot. If necessary, in case of hot temperatures, you can renew the application in the day: effect ... dry skin guaranteed!
We insist on the small quantity necessary to benefit from all its effectiveness, it will be then, icing on the cake, economic!

INCI:  butyrospermum parkii (karité)*, zhea corn starch (amidon de maïs)*, helianthus annuus seed oil (huile de tournesol)*, magnesium hydroxyde(hydroxide de magnésium), Parfum naturel, prunus armeniaca kernel oil (huile d’abricot)*, tocopherols (vitamine E), coumarine**, benzyl cinnamate**, benzyl benzoate**.