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Serviette de bain en lin - MAKESENZ

Linen bath towel

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Linen bath/shower towel

A bath towel with optimum absorbency and incredible softness. There's no better alternative for drying and caring for your skin on a daily basis. This article is made by Véronique from Linalue in Brabant Wallon, Belgium.

You'll be impressed by its absorbency and incredible softness.

Linen's plusses: soft | natural | hypoallergenic | antibactiérien | absorbent | quick-drying | no more badly dried odors | takes up little space in your wardrobes and luggage.

Dimensions: 75x135cm

Composition: 100% Linen dense (approx. 350g/m2) and soft, highly absorbent.

Care :

  • Wash at 40° maximum
  • Moderate spin - 800 rpm.
  • Use mild soap and avoid bleach.
  • Tumble-dry only at moderate temperature, no intensive drying or high temperatures.
  • Do not overload the machine.

Pack of 10 reusable bamboo wipes