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Soin capillaire Senna/Cassia naturel (non coloré) - MAKESENZ

Henna Senna/Cassia (neutral)


  • Provides volume
  • Strengthens the hair
  • Suitable for all original hair colours

Khadi Senna Powder is an excellent conditioner that strengthens the hair for healthier, renewed shine. Dull and matte blonde is given an invigorating honey blonde brilliance. For increased volume and shine. Henna powder neutral (senna/cassia) serves as an excellent natural hair treatment.

The powder can be mixed with lemon juice to revive the hair. The structure of the hair is strengthened, fine strands are given a fuller appearance and silky shine. Blonde hair is revived and given a slight tint.

Free from:

INCI : Cassia Obovata Leaves