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Essential oils blend "Sportive" for muscle relaxing

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If you want customize your MAKESENZ body oil, add 35 drops of this blend "Sportive" created by MAKESENZ in your oil, shake it for 1 minute & it's ready!

Relaxing action on muscles and body tensions related to the practice of sport. Can be used before and after the sport and in preparation for long sports efforts.

How to use :  Add 30 to 50 drops in your bottle of body oil of 100ml

Result : muscular pain decreases and give way to comfort of body and mind.

Composition : Basil, Estragon, True Lavender and Wintergreen

INCI : ocinum basilicum ssp basilicum, lavandula angustifolia, artemisia dracunculus, gaultheria procumbens
* ingredient from organic farming

Certified ORGANIC (by Ecogarantie) and VEGAN (PETA)

Handmade in Belgium in small batches

Brown glass bottle of 2ml (about 45 drops)