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Tosowoong Detail Clean Pore Brush


Tosowoong Detail Clean Pore Brush is the secret of beauty of Korean ladies!

This brush cleanses the skin in depth: it removes impurities of the day. Very soft, its hair make the daily routine a real moment of well-being.

After some uses, the pores are tighten, the black heads are visibly less apparent and the complexion is more luminous.

Characteristics of the brush:
- 310 000 hair: a density allowing an optimal action.
- 0,045mm of diameter for each hair: it is suitable for the most sensitive skins.
- synthetic anti-bacterial hair for a perfect hygiene.

Made in South Korea.

How to use : Use preferably with a foaming cleansing product. Wet the brush with water. Perform circular motions on the whole face insisting on the T. zone. Rinse the brush after each use. Let the brush dry in the air.

Indication : To cleanse the face (pores) and remove impurities.