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Curly hair ritual

Whatever the curl, shampooing is once or twice a week, not more, so as not to dry out the hair. With what? A super-moisturizing product like our gentle soap nut shampoo boosted with the BRILLANCE essential oil synergy of ylang-ylang and petit grain bigarade to boost volume and define curls.

As a complementary treatment, use a dab ofnourishing and detangling conditioner on the lengths and leave on for 1 minute. Rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Moisturize the ends: Once your hair is washed, towel dried and combed, apply a dab ofaloe vera to the ends, tightening your curls. Then to seal in the moisture, sparingly add a few drops ofhair care oil to the ends (by warming the oil in your palms beforehand).

To give your curls a boost between shampoos, take a lavender hydrosol to mist (thanks to the spray to add) on dry hair in the morning.