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Zero waste

Join us in the zero waste movement!

Did you know that all our packaging and bottles are reusable and recyclable? In fact, you can reuse or refill your bottles in our Ixelles boutique.

1) We take back clean, unlabeled brown glass pommadiers for reuse in our next production run. In exchange, we offer you a discount of 0.40€ per jar for emptying.

What: creams, deodorants, balms and eye contour creams

2) Bring your empty bottles, either ours or recycled, to buy in bulk and benefit from a lower price!

What: shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste powder, ghassoul, white clay, bath salts...

3) Come and refill your favorite products at the counter (after carefully cleaning your bottles) and benefit from a lower price.

What: Jojoba oil, Apricot kernel oil, Healthy glow serum, Revitalizing youth serum, Aloe vera, Body care oil, hydrolats, Revitalizing, Purifying and Soothing waters.

Bravo for all your zero-waste gestures and habits!

Every gesture counts and we're proud to be able to participate with you :)