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Committed to healthy and authentic beauty, MakeSenz improves the condition of the skin and respects health and the environment.

Our values of naturalness, simplicity & pleasure and our motto "Less is more" are the pillars of our commitment.

All MakeSenz products are designed to be effective while simplifying your daily life.

How do we do this?

Thanks to our know-how in the selection of natural ingredients beneficial to the skin, thanks to our formulations based on botanical science & aromatherapy and finally thanks to the proximity we maintain with our customers to better understand their needs.

Our locally manufactured range is certified vegan, organic (with at least 98% of ingredients of natural origin) and labeled 'slow cosmetics'.

The creator

After more than 10 years in the industrial cosmetics sector, Sophie Trenteseaux dreams of other possibilities. In 2009, as a young mother, she trained in aromatherapy and cosmetology and decided to make her own way by creating MakeSenz in December 2011.

Her ambition? To offer a healthy alternative to industrial products, not a brand that sells miracles, but an authentic brand that accompanies and respects the skin in all its states.

"I believe that tomorrow's world will have to be more respectful of our health and our natural balance as humans. It must also be respectful of the planet and its ecological balance. My commitment is to offer a range of care products based on natural and sustainable ingredients, manufactured with simple processes and packaged in the most eco-responsible packaging possible. And above all, to promise you to feel good about yourself with healthy, effective and tasty products.

A state of mind

"Less is more" is the motto of MAKESENZ, which wants to encourage a vision of cosmetics that supports the natural balance of the skin.

"With classic industrial products, we have the impression that we have to use more and more to expect a result. My experience shows that reconnecting with your skin, understanding its needs and awakening its natural power with highly targeted plant ingredients will have far more lasting impact."

It's all about using the right product, the right dose, at the right time.

The MakeSenz state of mind supports the natural functioning of the skin and enables all people to take fulfilling responsibility for the care of their skin and their body, with a real impact on their overall well-being.