Our range, certified vegan, organic and labeled 'slow cosmetic' includes a line of care and hygiene products to personalize with synergies of essential oils, a range of raw natural materials, cosmetic manufacturing kits and boxes gifts.

A pioneering designer
After more than 10 years in the industrial cosmetics sector, Sophie Trenteseaux dreams of other possibilities. A training in aromatherapy in pocket, she decides to chart her own path 7 years ago by creating MakeSenz. His ambition? Offer an alternative to existing products, not a cosmetic that sells miracles, but an authentic cosmetic, which accompanies and respects the skin in all its states: "I believe that the world of tomorrow will have to be more respectful of our health, and our natural balance as a human. It will also have to be the planet, nature and its ecological balance. My engagement ? The healthiest cosmetic range possible, made of natural, sustainable, local ingredients, with simple processes and low energy costs. Pack in the most eco-responsible packaging possible. And above all: allow you to enjoy healthy, effective, attractive, tasty products of impeccable quality. Determined and daring, Sophie opens her boutique in Ixelles, launches her range of natural treatments and educates her clients on another way of considering their beauty treatments by giving workshops.

A state of mind

"Less but better" is the motto of Sophie Trenteseaux who wants to encourage a new vision of beauty: one that takes into account the natural balance of the skin. "With conventional industrial products, you have the impression that you have to use more and more to hope for a result. My experience shows that reconnecting to your skin, understanding its needs and awakening its natural power with highly targeted plant ingredients will have far more lasting impact. " It's all there: use the right product, the right dose, at the right time.
Properly applied, these three precepts of the MakeSenz state of mind promote a natural functioning of the skin and support men and women in a fulfilling management of the beauty and health capital of their skin.

Sophie Trenteseaux