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Revitalizing tonic water - Rose & Rosemary


Rose & Rosemary tonic water - Capacity 100ml

Our blend of hydrolats (floral waters) will tone and revitalize all skin types for greater tone and radiance on a daily basis. In perfect harmony with the skin's natural pH, the lotion doesn't disturb the skin's natural balance, and with just a few squeezes, gives it the little burst of freshness it needs in the morning and evening.

Certified organic, 100% of its ingredients are of natural and organic origin.

Key ingredients

3 hydrolats with complementary virtues:

  • Damask Rose revitalizes, protects against skin aging and restores radiance.
  • Rosemary: detoxifies and tones
  • Orange blossom to soften the skin


To benefit from all its effects, apply 2 times a day:

  • in the morning: a few pumps before applying your day cream or beauty oil to make your skin more receptive to the treatment.
  • in the evening: removes the last traces of make-up after using make-up remover balm, and can be used as a night treatment. If necessary, it prepares the skin for a complementary night treatment.

Skin type: All skin types

INCI: Rosa damascena water*, Rosmarinus officinalis verbenoniferum water*, Citrus aurantium water*.

Made in Belgium.

This product is also available as a refill (without spray).

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