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The essentials for caring for and maintaining pretty, spicy skin all summer long

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L’essentiel pour prendre soin et garder une jolie peau halée tout l’été

We give you a few tips and best practices to adopt for beautiful, sun-kissed skin all summer long.


To prepare your skin for the sun, there's nothing better than a good scrub. To exfoliate your skin once a week, mix your exfoliating powder with your facial cleansing balm. For the body, add a pinch to your shower gel or jojoba oil if your skin tends to be dry. Rinse off afterwards.


Every day, moisturize from head to toe. Don't forget body lotion, even on your feet. On the face, double up on moisturizing by combining a little aloe vera gel and then your dose of moisturizing cream.
And don't forget! Drink plenty of water all summer long, every day.


If you're going to be exposed to the sun, it's essential to use a sunscreen cream and reapply it several times a day. At Makesenz, we recommend Laboratoire de Biarritz sun protection. At the end of the day, remember to wash off any sunscreen residue with shower gel. Then moisturize with aloe vera gel, and if necessary, add a few drops of jojoba oil to bring comfort to the skin.
Remember to expose yourself gradually, starting with 15 minutes a day. It's important to stay in the shade between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m., when UV rays are most aggressive for your skin.


To prevent ends and lengths from drying out, apply jojoba oil before swimming. In addition, aloe vera gel can be applied to curls to set them.
Remember to wear a hat or cap to protect against sunstroke.

Back from vacation

Skin stays tanned for about 3 weeks (the time it takes for cell renewal), so to prolong your tan, the healthy glow serum is your ally. Pure or mixed with aloe vera gel to boost hydration. If imperfections reappear, apply purifying water as required (min. morning and evening).

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