Aloe vera gel: a little miracle for the skin

How to use aloe vera gel properly?

A real gift for teens:

On the face, it is perfect as a moisturizing and healing treatment for young skin with or without imperfections. It leaves no trace of grease and also soothes minor irritations.

A facial treatment to mix:

Add a few drops of our healthy glow serum or a vegetable oil of your choice, mix in the palm of your hand and it becomes a hyper-natural face cream for morning and evening.

Hair care:

Applied to towel-dried hair after shampooing, it facilitates disentangling and restores suppleness to dry hair.

Anti-irritation and aftershave:

As a post-depilatory or after-shave care, it is perfect for soothing and healing.

In short, it's the family product that everyone is snapping up in the bathroom because it feels so good!