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Taking care of teenage skin!

Posted by sophie trenteseaux on
Peau des adolescents

It's not easy to get involved in our teenagers' lives and give them the right advice (and the right products 😉) to protect their skin when it's making life difficult for them...

Here are a few of our simple, effective and health-friendly tips:

  • Always start by washing your hands before taking care of your skin.
  • Don't aggress your skin, but gently cleanse and moisturize it regularly.

The simple, effective ritual for teenagers:

  • Daily moisturizing and care:
  1. Morning and evening after cleansing, apply a mist of purifying water to the face (and bust if necessary) and leave to dry naturally (ideally 2X a day).
  2. Gel or cream for blemish-prone areas, massaging in small doses (1x a day). Several options: Pure aloe vera gel (fresh, non-sticky texture), Purifying jojoba cream (moisturizing and comforting), Medi-cream (for more severe cases).
  • Deep cleansing (1X week): Exfoliating mask with green clay (or white clay if skin is sensitive) to be applied in a thick layer over blemished areas. Leave on for MAXIMUM 5 min (really important not to over-aggress the skin) and rinse off with lukewarm water.

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