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Masque au Ghassoul  - 150g - MAKESENZ

Ghassoul Mask - 150g


Argiletz's tube of ready-to-use ghassoul clay cleans and purifies the skin of your body, face and scalp.

Used since the 17th century, Ghassoul (washing product) is used as a beauty treatment in the Middle East. Used on the body, Ghassoul paste cleanses, purifies and leaves skin fresh, clean and ultra-soft.

Like black soap and horsehair gloves, Ghassoul is a clay-based paste that forms an essential part of a Maghrebi woman's hygiene and beauty kit. Mixed with water, it forms a creamy paste with absorbent, detergent and grease-removing properties. These properties make it ideal for all hair and skin types.


Sensitive skin
- on the face, as a mask,
- on the hair, as a mask,

Directions for use

  • For the body: pour a large knob of Ghassoul into the palm of your hand, coat your body and gently rub in circular movements over each area of the body for a natural scrub.
  • For the face: apply a thin layer, leave on for 10 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. Do not allow clay to dry.
  • For hair: apply the required amount of Ghassoul to the entire scalp, massage gently, leave on until you've had a shower, then rinse thoroughly. Used on the hair, Ghassoul respects the silkiness of your hair, sheathes it and adds volume. Your hair will be vigorous and shiny.

150 g tube.
Made in France.