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Face care products : 2 personalized face creams - Waterloo - FR


Your personalized formula for 2 jars of cream (50ml & 30ml travel size).
Light and fluid, good-looking for the complexion or even anti-aging ... your cream will be personalized with a base of natural and organic ingredients to preserve the beauty and health of your skin.
Learn how to compose your formula according to your skin type and your needs. Finish the preparation by adding the essential oils of your choice based on our advice in aromatherapy.

Your facilitator: Camille

Camille, the main advisor in Waterloo, was trained in natural cosmetics and aromatherapy by Sophie, the creator of the MAKESENZ project.

Duration of the workshop: 1h15
Address: 10 Avenue de la Rivelaine, 1410 Waterloo
Maximum number of participants: 8

To register for a workshop, you can pay for your workshop directly on our site by adding it to the basket. If you encounter a problem, do not hesitate to call us on 02/6404034
General conditions for the workshop: here

To reach the facilitator directly: 0497 / 82.35.02