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Brosse à dent rechargeable - Souple - MAKESENZ

Refillable toothbrush - Soft


A toothbrush with a bioplastic handle and rechargeable head!

The handle of this toothbrush is made from 70% castor-oil derivatives, a plant that (like all plants) absorbs carbon as it grows, mixed with 30% plastic to withstand bathroom humidity and the shock of brushing. Made in France.

Keep the handle, just change the head!

As toothbrush bristles wear out every three months, it's time to change just the head! Simply unclip the current head and clip on the new one.

Color according to availability.

Handle in bioplastic: 70% castor oil / 30% plastic made in France

Nylon bristles and ABS base made in Italy

Compostable cardboard packaging