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Coloration végétale Color Prep - MAKESENZ

Color Prep vegetable color


Khadi vegetal colorations are the fruit of ancestral ayurvedic preparations and are quite simply unique in their combination and quality.

More than easy to prepare: every hair color is unique - just like khadi ColorPrep. ColorPrep by khadi increases the chances of a safe, optimal color result and perfectly prepares your hair structure for your khadi Color Vegetale. The ideal preparatory treatment for the transition from a very light to a darker shade.

ColorPrep by khadi not only acts as a precoloring for your new color, it also provides your hair with a keratin cure thanks to the Senna/Cassia it contains. It strengthens and protects, repairing damaged hair structures. Ziziphus moisturizes and regenerates your hair in the traditional Ayurvedic way, for radiant shine from within. Henna creates warm blond or intense copper, which, as a base color, is the perfect bonding base for darker, ashy colors. It provides genuine scalp care and strengthens hair from root to tip.

To prepare the color, mix the powder with water at 80°C to obtain a creamy paste. Apply the mixture while still warm (make sure the temperature is not too hot) to the hair, then leave on for 60 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water and proceed to the coloring step with your chosen khadi shade.

INCI: Cassia auriculata Leaf, Lawsonia Inermis Leaf, Ziziphus jujuba leaf, Ziziphus spina-christi powder

2x 50gr