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Éponge Konjac visage naturelle - MAKESENZ

Natural Konjac face sponge


Japanese women have been using konjac for 1500 years to exfoliate the face on a daily basis, while Koreans reserve it for baby cleansing. Its gentle cleansing can help calm acne outbreaks. Its effect is surprising, as it combines the effectiveness of an exfoliating glove with the lightness of a bamboo flower.


Moisten before use so that the sponge is completely soaked. Massage into skin in circular motions for gentle cleansing and exfoliation.
To preserve your Konjac sponge, be sure to rinse it thoroughly after use and wring it out without twisting. Store in a clean, dry place or in the refrigerator.

Where are they made?

Our konjac sponges come from a factory in Hubei, northern China. This mountainous region has a warm, humid climate, ideal for growing konjac (and for hiking through magnificent landscapes!). We chose it for the quality of its facilities and its impeccable hygiene. The factory's main activity is not sponges, but konjac powder, which is used to replace gelatin in vegan cooking.
As far as transport is concerned, our konjac sponges are not afraid to take to the sea, as they arrive by boat. Carbon emissions from this journey are therefore minimal (especially as the sponges are so light).
Each sponge has a lifespan of around three months, after which it will begin to crumble. Then you can compost it!

Sponge weight: 30g