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Huile essentielle - Eucalyptus citronné bio - MAKESENZ

Essential oil - Organic* lemon eucalyptus


Botanical family Myrtaceae

Latin name: Eucalyptus citriodora

Essential oil obtained by distillation of the tree's leaves.

From controlled organic agriculture: Certisys-BE1 control

This tree is found in Australia, Southeast Asia, South America and Madagascar. The essential oil it provides has nothing in common with 1,8-cineole eucalyptus. It contains a lot of citronnellal, a widespread aldehyde, monoterpenols and esters.

Properties: Lemon eucalyptus essential oil is anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic. It is used to relieve inflammation of tendons and joints. In association with geranium, it regulates the pancreas. Calming, sedative, hypotensive. It repels mosquitoes (by atmospheric diffusion, usually as a blend) and relieves their bites.

* The above summary is given for information only: it is a synthesis of the properties described in recognized aromatherapy books and/or in accordance with ancestral and popular traditions. It does not constitute medical information or a list of indications.

Psycho-emotional level: Aldehydes correspond to emotional regeneration. It is recommended when there is devaluation and negative feelings, more resentment than feelings.

Our advice: Citronellal is not the most pleasant-smelling aldehyde, but it is better tolerated than citrals. And this lemon eucalyptus has a certain finesse to it. Its versatility makes it very useful in everyday life. It can be combined to enhance your diffusion.

10ml bottle