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Lingette réutilisable - Mousseline de bambou & coton - MAKESENZ

Washable wipe - Bamboo & coton


Bamboo & coton muslin to remove make up and facial cleansing.

How to use : 
To use with our gentle cleansing balm. Use the muslin, first by soaking with mild warm water and gently sweep over the skin and it leaves your skin clean and soft. 

Maintenance tips :
- Washing machine at 40 ° to 60 ° with an ecological washing preferably
- Soft dry in a dryer or dry it outdoors
- To have a long life of your wipes, it is recommended to rinse the wipes with water and a little black soap after use, then place it in the washing net.

Composition :
Bamboo / Coton 


Made in India