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The Ecogarantie label, a demanding label

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Le label Ecogarantie, un label de haute qualité

All Makesenz products carry the Ecogarantie label. But what does this label mean?

The Ecogarantie label, issued by a Belgian non-profit association, is the strictest label in the European Union. It guarantees that the compositions of the products it certifies are organic and ecological, but not only that. The Ecogarantie label doesn't just focus on the ingredients: it also ensures that a brand's entire production process is respectful of the planet, consumers and people (from fair remuneration of producers to the use of short distribution channels, eco-friendly packaging, etc.). The Ecogarantie label guarantees products that are sustainable, safe and fair for producers, consumers, animals and the environment, in ecological, economic and social terms.

An Ecogarantie label lasts for one year: each year, an independent control body must conduct a new audit to ensure that the products still comply with the specifications issued by the association. This ensures maximum monitoring and reliability.

Logo Ecogarantie

To obtain this label, Makesenz must therefore meet certain criteria included in a set of specifications based on sustainability, respect for the balance between plants, animals and humans, and consumer expectations. The Ecogarantie label specifications include :

  • 100% organic products: All plant-based ingredients in the products must be organic;
  • GMO-free products: The use of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) is prohibited in the composition of products;
  • Biodegradable products: Products bearing the Ecogarantie label must be made from natural ingredients and must therefore be biodegradable;
  • No petrochemical-derived ingredients: Because they are hazardous to our health and the environment, no petrochemical-derived ingredients are allowed in the composition of our products;
  • Strict traceability of raw materials;
  • Waste minimization during all processes;
  • Eco-designed packaging: The label imposes certain conditions on packaging, which must not be made of PVC or any type of plastic containing chlorine (with the exception of returnable packaging).
  • Reasoned product transport;
  • Respect for fundamental human rights;
  • A fair pricing policy for suppliers and consumers;
  • Animal protection: No animal testing is authorized by the label as required by European legislation.

And many other conditions!

The Ecogarantie label can therefore be quite restrictive for a brand. But by joining the Ecogarantie association, Makesenz has chosen to respect these requirements, because this label attests to our commitment to conscious, respectful production . Makesenz strives to guarantee the highest quality while reducing its impact on our planet by favoring short circuits, opting for natural and organic ingredients and offering refill systems with a zero waste approach.

By choosing and advising Makesenz, you demonstrate your commitment to natural, ecological, sustainable and socially just products.

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