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Taking care of my hair naturally

Posted by sophie trenteseaux on
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A seductive asset and accessory to all our looks: our hair has many facets!

So it's vital to take care of it to maintain its beauty, avoiding silicones and other petrochemical ingredients which have a detrimental effect on scalp balance and hair shine.

Here are our tips for healthy, shiny, supple hair:

1. The oil bath for dry or damaged hair

Once a week, treat your hair to an oil bath to restore shine and body! Depending on the mass of your hair, distribute a suitable dose (not too much, not too little) on ends and lengths. Leave in for at least 1 hour or overnight. Rinse with lukewarm water and then wash your hair 1 or 2 times with our gentle organic soap nut shampoo.

Top vegetable oils for hair :

2. Objective: slow down shampooing to 2 x week!

    Put an end to the infernal cycle of conventional shampoos that are too harsh and full of silicones (which grease the hair) and slow down your shampooing routine with our absolute darling: MAKESENZ natural gentle shampoo made with organic soap nuts and customizable with essential oils to suit your needs.

    Your hair will regain its suppleness and shine after just a few uses. You'll soon be able to space out your shampoos and save time in the morning. ūüėČ

    3. Rinsing and drying

      Rinse with lukewarm water for 30 sec.

      Do you have long or fine hair? Try aloe vera as a detangling treatment by applying a dab to ends and lengths for 1 min before rinsing with warm water.

      Then gently detangle with a wooden comb.

      Avoid blow-drying your hair at high heat, opting instead for air-drying or using a lukewarm blower.

      4. Shine treatment for medium-long and long hair

      If you have damaged ends, curls or want to add shine to your hair, buns or braids, you can give them a shine treatment with our Argan & Jojoba hair serum. Simply place a few drops on the palms of your hands, warm by massaging with your fingers, then apply the oil to the lengths of your hair, whether dry or damp (but towel-dried ).

      And that's it! Find all our products here

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