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Protecting your skin in winter...

Posted by sophie trenteseaux on
Protéger sa peau en hiver...

To protect skin from the cold, it needs to be pampered as much as possible to avoid redness and unpleasant feelings of tightness.

Good advice? Use plant butters, vegetable oils to act as a barrier against the cold, and creams richer in oils.

I recommend daily use, or even twice a day for people with very dry skin, or for those who cycle or spend a lot of time outdoors.

Result: more radiant skin with less inflammation and redness!

Here's a selection of our nuggets that will do your skin good:

  • The shea butter (melt in your hands) to insulate your skin from the cold
  • Hemp vegetable oil, anti-inflammatory and protective (and local, since it's produced in Belgium)
  • Hemp, apricot kernel and sesame-basedbody oil moisturizes, nourishes and softens even the most sensitive skin.
  • Youthful face serum with Belgian hemp, camelina and jojoba. This oil is a moisture booster that penetrates the skin quickly. Ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive.
  • Nourishing argan & hemp cream also enriched with shea butter, can be used as day and night care. Available with or without essential oils.
  • Shea calendula balm for daytime use in case of a cold snap! Ideal for cheeks, nose and lips.

Here are a few more useful tips for your daily skin care routine in this wintry weather:

  • Take a shorter shower and not too hot (even if temptation is strong) or shower only 1 day out of 2 (yes, it's possible!).
  • Always drink plenty of water or herbal tea, and less coffee (as it dehydrates much more than you think).
  • Avoid applying too much make-up on the skin, as it needs to protect itself from the cold. Don't ask too much of it, so moisturize your skin more and wear eye make-up exclusively :)
  • Avoid overly aggressive soaps and opt for a mild surgras soap for the body and gently cleanse your face with one of our hydrosol blends adapted to your skin.

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