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Jojoba moisturizing face cream – 50ml
Jojoba moisturizing face cream – 50ml
Jojoba moisturizing face cream – 50ml


Jojoba moisturizing face cream – 50ml


Our Jojoba moisturizing face cream combines deep hydration with both feelings of lightness and balance. Applied morning and/or evening on a clean and dry skin (face and neck), this cream adapts to all type of skins and guarantees them pleasure, hydration and radiance. So effective that a small dose is enough, you will benefit a long time from your product.

Its great formula is made of:

  • floral waters (or hydrolats): Damask rose and witch hazel, to stimulate the radiance
  • vegetable oils of jojoba and apricot, to hydrate deeply and quickly
  • Vitamin E, to guarantee an antioxidant base that facilitates makeup

Its added value

It is customizable! Tired, sensitive, dull or unbalanced skin? We strengthen its action with a blend of organic essential oils, targeted to your needs.

Faithful to our values, our cream is certified Bio & Vegan and received the Slow Cosmetics award. Made in Belgium and packaged in a recyclable glass jar (50ml).


Glowing. A synergy for dull and tired skin, with fresh and floral scents thanks to the essential oils of ylang ylang and Ho wood (freshness and good-looking), myrtle to cineole (cutaneous firmness) and palmarosa (tightening of the pores).

Revitalizing. A synergy for mature and relaxed skin, invigorating scents thanks to essential oils of Ho wood (firmness and tone), cistus ladaniferous (astringent and calming virtues) and immortelle (anti-aging properties).

Purifying. Synergy for neutral to oily skins, with aromatic scents thanks to the essential oils of true lavender (healing and antibacterial virtues), palmarosa (pore tightening) and carrot (good-looking skin, but also fights and against dermatoses).


Damascus Rose Hydrosol, Water, Hamamelis Hydrolate*, Jojoba Oil*, Apricot Kernel Oil*, Stabilizer, Glycerin*, Macadamia Oil*, Coconut Emollient, Corn Starch, Natural Emulsifier, Xanthan gum, Cosgard preservative, natural components of hydrolats.

* ingredient from organic farming