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Welcome to MAKESENZ universe

MakeSenz is a Belgian eco-conscious skincare brand committed to healthy and authentic beauty, offering a new vision of cosmetics full of common sense.

Our mission is built around naturalness, respect and transparency and makes the motto "Less but better" the pillar of our commitment.

All MakeSenz products are designed to improve the effectiveness of skin and hair care rituals while simplifying your life.

Our range is produced locally in Belgium, is vegan certified , ecoguaranteed and has the 'slow cosmetics' label. It includes a line of care and hygiene products formulated with at least 98% of ingredients of natural origin.

✅ Minimum 98% of ingredients of natural origin
✅ Certified organic & eco-guaranteed
✅ Vegan
✅ Made in Belgium

Discover some of our bestsellers and browse more on our website to discover all our products and rituals ...