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Moisturizing Oil for Massage & Body Care – Customizable – 100 ml


Belgian hemp, apricot kernels and sesame ... Three organic vegetable oils associated with vitamin E: it is the perfect combination of our oil to protect the skin from aging, but also to moisturize, nourish and soften even the most sensitive skin.

Its emollient power makes it an excellent base for therapists:

  • the vegetable oil of hemp (Belgian) is very penetrating and restores softness and elasticity
  • sesame vegetable oil restructures and regenerates skin tissue
  • apricot kernel vegetable oil nourishes and softens by bringing back tonicity and radiance

Its added value

  • Olfactively neutral, it is ideal for people intolerant to perfume.
  • It is also customizable. We strengthen its action with a blend of organic essential oils corresponding to your needs.

 To personalize it: add 30 to 50 drops in a bottle of oil of 100 ml for your massage:

  • relaxing, with our blend of essential oils “Synergie Bien-être” composed of Ho (skin tonic) and geranium rosat (firming the tissues and tightening the pores)
  • invigorating, with our blend of essential oils “Synergie Hammam” composed of maritime pine (fresh and pleasant, it releases the airways), eucalyptus radish (boosts the natural defenses) and peppermint (freshness and energizing effect)

 Pour a small amount of massage oil into your hand and warm it by rubbing your palms together. Make penetrate the targeted area in circular motions, enjoy!

According to our values, it is certified organic and 100% composed of ingredients of natural origin of which 90% of biological origin.

It is manufactured in Belgium and packaged in a pump bottle of 100ml.


* ingredient from organic farming

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