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Organic cornflower hydrosol


Cornflower hydrosol suits externally for skin diseases and tired or irritated eyes, the eye contour. It revitalizes tired skin.

Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, decongestant, calming and regenerating, astringent and toning properties soothe any form of skin irritation, are ideal for dry or devitalised skin tissues, treat effectively all kinds of eye problems, especially those related to allergies. Because of its smooth action Cornflower hydrosol can be used without problems for the elderly, children, animals...

It is used eg as compress to relieve the eyes of people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen or TV. To decongest the eyes it can also be used in synergy with a hydrosol of helichrysum, roman chamomile, rose or orange blossom. To act against small wrinkles it can associated with a hydrosol of cistus, helichrysum or damask rose. 

Skin type: all skin types (not recommended during pregnancy)

Smell: Smell sweet, half floral, half grassy

Use: Face & body

Storage: preferably keep in the fridge after opening.

INCI: Centaurea cyanus *

* From organic farming and certified by Ecogarantie

Glass bottle - 200 ml 

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