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Organic Roman chamomile hydrosol


Chamomile hydrosol is essential for sensitive skin, prone to irritation, redness or even rosaceous acne and also for sensitive eyes. 

Chamomile is soothing, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory. It is an excellent cleansing face. It also calms the skin of babies and prevents cracks in nursing women.  

Chamomile is perfect for homemade wet wipes, and after waxing. 

As a face lotion or in the composition of your cosmetics, it will soothe all skin types.  

Skin type: for sensitive skin  

Smell: sweet & honeyed  

Use: Face, body  

Storage: preferably keep in the fridge after opening. Stable hydrosol.

INCI: Chamaelum nobilis * 

* From organic farming and certified by Ecogarantie  

Brown glass bottle - 200 ml

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