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4 simple tips to improve the appearance of your skin!

Posted by sophie trenteseaux on
4 conseils simples pour améliorer l’aspect de votre peau !

The skin is an organ that regulates itself admirably well when our environment allows it to do so simply.

At MAKESENZ, our values of naturalness, simplicity and pleasure guide us in everything we do. So here are our 4 basic tips for caring for your skin and understanding its needs...

1. Stop changing and stick to your routine

Whatever your ritual (preferably with natural products...), stick to it over time! As humans, we create our reference points through our habits, so our skin also needs reference points. It's in the repetition of these gestures that the effects on the skin will be felt over time. Not only because all natural products take longer to take effect, but also because the skin renews itself on a cycle of around 28 days. Be persistent and show commitment in the way you care for it!

2. Clean your face less (if it's true!)

Unless you've been really naughty at night, your face doesn't need deep cleansing in the morning. For example, lavender hydrosol balances, purifies and respects the skin's pH level. Cleansing without harshness.

3. Less is more... also in your beauty kit

Unfortunately, we have the impression that the more products we have in our vanity, the better our skin will be, but this isn't necessarily true. Simplify your routine...and your skin will thank you!

4. Think holistically and be kind to yourself.

If you have recurring skin problems, it's probably because there's something else going on... Skin is the mirror of the soul. Three things to think about above all: what you eat, your stress level and the amount of sleep you get. These are 3 factors we can all work on and improve little by little. You'll see surprising results in the appearance of your skin.

It's up to you now!

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